Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What vitamins do you take?

I recently saw circulating on Facebook an article about how a lot of Walmart and chain stores like it are selling vitamins that do not have the amount in them they say they do. That, a lot of them are filled with fillers. So I wanted to hear from you what you use.
I recently was recommended by a friend to try patches from I bought two boxes $20 each for a 30 days supply, after I got the go a head from my surgeon.
                                                           patch2                                                                        Here is what the package looks like of the patches.
                                                                                       patches                               As you can see they are pretty small and can be easily  placed on the body with out
 being a huge eye sore.
I am not trying them yet, because for now I can still swallow normal pills so I am. Though after seeing that I thought I would ask around what is your favorite vitamins and protein drinks, and why.
Here is just a sample of what I take now. This is prep for surgery. Not everyone has to take this,  but I do. Because it is harder to absorb after surgery my surgeon wants me to get my levels on the higher end of normal. I was low on Vitamins D, B12, and folic acid. I added Biotin, as well as a daily vitamin for women. I take my hormone medicine and Thyroid medicine. I have a prescription of Vitamin D as well.  At first I was overwhelmed. I thought how am I going to get used to all this. My Thyroid med has to be taken on an empty stomach. Four hours after eating, and a couple hours before eating. So I wake up in the middle of the night to take it. Then I take the rest when I wake up with breakfast. It is habit and routine now. I have been doing it for a few months now in preparation.  As you can see that large one in there is my multivitamin and that is the one I will take out and sub with the patch. They also have a B12 patch that I will use and take out the b12 pill. So that will make it a little easier on me. Some people might think. Why go through all that? I would rather do this then think for a moment what my life might be like in a year, two or 10. With out this surgery, these pills, and my new life.
So comment below on what you take and why. Also which protein drink works for you and why. Do you like the flavor, is it the only one that you can drink?.... Let me know.
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