Saturday, January 23, 2016

Suzie at the gym

I want to talk about something that happened today. I ran into lets call her Susie. She is an amazing woman. I met her last year and it had nothing to do with her passion or losing weight or anything health related. I sold her yarn. I never knew then how this first meeting would be the start of anything. Later I learned she was hard core fitness buff. Well that is what I like to think of her as. When I first saw pictures of her, I thought, man I would love to even look a little like her. She has the body that a lot of women get jealous over and she has an I don't care if you don't like me attitude. (Which I need her to rub off on me some of that)  At one point her photos made me really jealous. I didn't care how she got to where she is. Her road or the bumps that may be in it. I was just jealous. Here is why. She loved the processes. Her photos were amazing to me. She does those, check out how toned and amazing this work out made me look photos. She worked hard and I wanted her dedication. I don't know her personal life, and we really have not talked much. One day I thought, rather then wish I was her, lets be me, with her help. She made a valid point. She would only work with me if I was dedicated enough to follow through. So I got a fitbit and I was to screen shot every day my steps. I was to put in hard work before she would push me harder.  I was doing so good. In fact every screen shot I sent her I felt one step closer. Then it happened. I had surgery on my ankle several months prior, and one day while coming down the stairs, my ankle gave out and I broke my other foot. It was the the worst pain I had ever felt. I have had gall bladder pain, I have had four kids, I have had several surgeries, I even had a hysterectomy. Nothing could compare to the unreal pain this made me feel. I spent the next three months in an aircast. I had a broken ankle. I gained so much more weight. I got so depressed and felt like such a failure. Every weekend my husband and I take our kids now to the gym and they play while my husband works out with me. Today she was there. I took one look at her and told myself, someday I am gonna own it like she does. Today I wasn't jealous. Today I realized, you want something great you gotta fight for it. So my husband and I did a great work out. During it, she stopped me and told me, she reads my blog and enjoys reading it. Now, call me a little corny, but I totally felt like a million bucks. I look up to her and here she was telling me she liked my blog. I told her about how I can't wait to have this surgery and how it is a great tool for me,  but it will only take me so far, and I needed to be here in the gym. She agreed. It was right then I knew, I didn't need her to motivate me. I needed to believe in myself. She did that in one little passing conversation. I admit that while she was there and I knew could see me (the room is super tiny) I pushed myself really hard. (My body will be thanking me later) Though after she left I didn't stop. My amazing husband and I did a lot of couple stuff and then in true Trapped Skinny Girl Style I ended with a free weights dance off. I even took off my sweat shirt.  SO Suzie, If you are reading this, thank you. For being you. Your words of encouragement mean more to me then you will know and I am so glad you are following my journey.
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