Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The excitement is building.

Only 39 more days until we leave to head to the town where my surgery will take place. Road trips are the best in my family. See in the past couple years my kids went from "are we there yet"? To being so good on long trips. My husband is my best friend and being on long rides with him is the best. The ride is 6 hours give or take with bathroom breaks with clear roads. If the weather is bad or the roads are bad it can average seven to eight hours. So I cannot foresee the future and so I am banking on a longer ride since it is Alaska in the winter time. While my surgery is not until the 19th, my preop is the 17th of February, and we check in at our hotel mid day on the 15th. So Every morning when I wake up my kiddos my youngest daughter tells me how many days until we leave.
Today she said mommy we are under the 40 day mark, we have 39 more days. When I ask her what she most looks forward to she replied. I can't wait to pick out flowers for you with daddy for when you wake up. She then says, mommy I have a confession. She looks so sad at this point. I am so worried about what is going to come out of her mouth next. She said, would you be mad if I am also excited to go to chuck e cheese? I had to fight back laughing. There is no place like that here and so when ever we get a chance we try to go. I have a very large post frame and when we go we take pictures with their little drawing machine that they have. I have done it since my kids were little. Without hesitation I looked at her and said, honey I am very excited about that too.
I have started to do even more research then I already have on the surgery I am about to have. I am so excited and so scared. I started following many people in instagram who also have had some sort o weight loss surgery. I didn't even know that world existed. Oh and those people are amazing. They too know how scared and excited I am. To see their triumphs is something that makes my heart happy.  Every picture I post, there is supportive comments, and likes. So any of you fellow IGers reading this thank you. Thank you for your support.
I have two amazing friends were I live locally. One who is almost at her two year out mark from Surgery. Another who just had hers about a month ago. So it is so good to have them in my life. One who has it as a fresh experience and I can see how she is going through it, and the other who has been there done that and I can see how she is doing. They both are proving not everything happens to everyone. As both of them are experiencing different reactions to this surgery. Honestly without these women I would be so lost. I am so grateful for them.
I wish tomorrow was the day to leave, I want to get this road going and start the new path. I feel like I am just stopped. I have started doing some things at home on my own. I am not required to do a two week pre-diet. Though that has not stopped me from trying to get a head start. I have eaten much better, lots more water,and getting more steps in. I don't do it, expecting to lose weight. I have no metabolism because of my thyroid disease. I do it, so I can start getting used to how my life will be very shortly.  everyone can tell me until they are blue in the face, what I should and shouldn't do. They can tell me how they think it will be or not. Honestly. I trust my gut. I do what my surgeon tells me. I am just ready to get it done.
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