Thursday, January 21, 2016

Do you have a taste aversion?

Okay, so I have a taste issue. I can't do gritty, or slimy, or taste the vitamins. I also was told that after surgery your taste buds may change.  My surgeon said, not to really try stuff now, but to wait until after. Here are a few things I HOPE, and pray I still like after surgery. (DISCLAIMER - I am not trying to sell anything so please don't think I am. What works for me, or you is not what works for everyone) So the first thing I love that has tons of the good stuff I need is Thrive shakes. I can't taste grit, I am oddly addicted and it mixes well with the good stuff I put in it, yogurt, berries, milk ect.  I pray, like I have really prayed, out loud to God (not sure what you believe or not, but God, heavenly father, the big guy from the bible, yea we are pretty tight) please let me  keep it down, and still love Thrive shakes. Two I love love love OIKOS triple Zero yogurt. At first it was kinda different, it is a greek yogurt and I am not a huge fan of it. It kinda grew on me. So, two major things I love that pack a lot of protein.  For those that don't know protein and water intake are a huge part of after surgery life. Figuring out how to get as much as you can in a day, in very small portions. It can get tiring. So.... pray, think positive thoughts, put out good vibes, what ever you do,  that Thrive and this yogurt will still be something I love after surgery. I have a sample packet of Thrive to try after surgery. I am fighting not wanting to drink it right now. So do you have taste Aversions? Things you can't eat? Or how has things changed for you after surgery?

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