Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Trying to prep my mind for water

I want to be very real with myself, and I really wanted to take one day and drink water and eat food the way I would after surgery. Not necessarily drink and eat food how I would right after surgery but several months down the line, you know,  what would be a normal day for me. I have to admit this is a lot harder than I had anticipated. I have a special bariatric timer on my phone. And every 15 minutes it lets me know I can take a drink. Once I have taken a few sips I press it again. Then I wait 15 more minutes. I'm trying not to sit here and stare at the clock. Though a couple of times I have found myself doing that. This morning when I went to go drink my morning blueberry shake (fat free blueberry yogurt, skim milk and frozen blueberries) I realized how hard this whole thing really is. It took me over an hour to finish my blueberry shake. I'm not going to lie I took very big ships. I imagine that after several months of eating and drinking this way it will get much easier. For now I really wanted to show myself what I was getting myself into. I don't have a small stomach right now to tell me that one or two sips is going to be okay. Right now my stomach is the normal size it has always been and there for one or two small sips just doesn't seem right. It is almost as if my mind, my stomach says, what the heck, small sips? Really? Cut that out and eat and drink normally. The whole thing seems very wrong. 

I know I will never fully be prepared for what I am going to go through. I can assume till the cows come home. What ever I prepare for chances are the exact opposite will happen to me. In fact many of my friends tease me. Call me Murphy (Murphy's law). Though if I can prepare myself for most of the journey, and be as ready as I can be, the better. So today I am focusing on this water, protein intake in small portions and every 15-30 minutes. 

Because this is not my life so to speak right now. I want every person in the WLS community to know you have my love and support. This is not easy and the fact you have to do this means you need support on anyone who understands. You deserve a huge hug!
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