Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I am having an affair

Now, I don't normally put out the deepest darkest secrets of my personal life. While I am an open book I do keep some things private. What I am about to tell you is so unreal. I cannot believe it is happening to me. I am having an affair.
I was pregnant with my last child when my then sister in law walked in with my vice. My drug, my happiness. I didn't know that then. I didn't know how much I would depend on it. How much I would crave it, how I would supply my body with it so much. I took my first sip of Dr. Pepper that day. I didn't normally like it. Pregnancy had changed that. I bought another, and another and another. I then realized I loved cherry Dr Pepper, he and I would have a long relationship. Oh how yummy, that was. The carbonation was sickly satisfying. I went from drinking one soda a day, to several cans every day. I would go bat shit crazy when I was out. It has been 7 years of drinking it.
When I found out I was approved for surgery one of the biggest no no's is soda. I went in my room and literally had one. I sat down and said, screw that, I love this stuff. I am never going to give it up.
One day I just knew, in order to make my surgery successful I needed to do everything I am told. For the first time in a long time,I filled up a bottle and drank it. I hated it at first. I mean I just hated it. I wish I could tell you in wording detail how drinking water makes me feel. I would come up with every excuse as to why I didn't like water.  I knew I needed to figure out a way to really make water a good thing or else I was going to suffer after surgery. I got a pretty water bottle with a built in filter,(the water here is kinda gross and I wasn't about to pay for free water.)  I realized I love the water when it is literally ice cold and I am now up to drinking three of these water bottles a day, it is a 34 oz bottle.
Here is my confession. I have not seen my old love in three weeks. I have thought about it from time to time. Me and that dr, did have some good times. Though he was toxic and did not help me in the slightest with improving my life. Today I woke up to confess my cheating ways, and come to terms that Dr. Pepper and I are finished and I am in love with water.
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